March 1956

The Dedication of St. Andrew’s

St. Andrew in Pine Hills was dedicated as a mission of St. James on March 25, 1965, byt Archbishop Joseph Hurley. “The Pine Hills chapel for the future parish on the west side of the highway was blessed at 8:30am. Archbishop Hurley offered Mass in the new church and was presented by Monsignor John Bishop to 400 persons who gathered for the dedication of St. Andrew’s.” (Florida Catholic, 03/30/1965)

December 1957

Parish Status

St. Andrew was raised to parish status on December 14, 1957. Ninety women renrolled in the newly organized St. Andrew Ladies Guild.


Appointing a Pastor

Clergy from the religious order The Society of the Precious Blood began serving in the parish. This was the first appointment for this religious order to the Diocese of St. Augustine. Father William Neidert, C.PP. S. was appointed pastor.

January 1959

New Rectory & Hall

In January, ground was broken for a rectory and hall for use as a church. It was a single-story concrete block building. The altar, the art on the altar depicting the Agony in the Garden, and the ambo were handmade and crafted by Father Neidert.

June 1961

School Construction Begins

A min-June ground-breaking was the first step towards establishing a nine classroom school serving the children St. Andrew Parish.

January 1962

School Dedicated

St. Andrew School is dedicated January 15, 1962 by Archbishop Joseph Hurley.

September 1963

Sisters of Precious Blood Staff School

Society of the Precious Blood Fathers announced that St. Andrew School would be staffed by Sisters of the Precious Blood from Dayton, Ohio. The school at this time had 475 pupils in eight grades, taught in nine classrooms and two portables. The temporary convent would be located at Balboa and Cortex Streets. The Order served at St. Andrew until 1968.


School Expansion

St. Andrew School is expanded, adding eight more classrooms.


Fundraising for Remodeling

A fundraiser to support remodeling of the church involved selling cookbooks made from original church paneling.

February 1972

New Sanctuary

Remodeling of the church began in order to meet liturgical guidelines generated form Vatican Council II.

August 1973

NUF Young Adult Club

The St. Andrews young adult club “NUF” is created. The name was said to be both backwards for “FUN” and to stand for Nachburger Und Freudun, German for Neighbors and Friends. NUF was an attempt, on the part of all singles and young married between the ages of 18 and 35, to incorporate three main points: fellowship & community, systematic Christian education, and mission & service.


Sister Diane Couture SSJ

Sister Diane Couture SSJ, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rheal P. Couture, grew up in St. Andrew Parish and attended the parish school. She entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine in 1973.

October 1975

Dedicating Parish Center & Rectory

A parish center and rectory were completed in May and dedicated by Bishop Thomas Grady on October 5, 1975.

August 1979

“Act of Prepetual Profession”

Sister Diane Couture SSJ, made her final vows, her “Act of Perpetual Profession” during a parish liturgy at St. Andrew on August 19, 1979. Sister Diane said that it was “an honor to be able to return to my home parish…to go back and touch my roots where the seed of my religious vocation was first begun and fostered.” The ceremony marked the first time a Sister of St. Joseph in Florida returned to her home parish to make final vows. Sister is a stained-glass artist and continues making sacred art as her ministry at the St. Joseph Ministries’ Architectural Stained Glass Studio in St. Augustine. Her stained glass is in several parishes in the Diocese of Orlando.

January 1980

The Neidert Center, consisting of two separate facilities, a hall and the Neidert Religious Education Offices, was dedicated January 20th following remodeling of the old hall and rectory buildings. The naming honors founding pastor Father William Neidert, C.P.P.S.


Sponsoring Refugees

The parish sponsors two young adult refugees from Ethiopia, a country experiencing much violence under a miliary dictatorship backed by the Soviet Union.


25th Anniversary

The parish celebrated its 25th anniversary of establishment as a parish.


Bishop Manor Opening

Bishop Manor, a home for seniors, opens next door to St. Andrew, beginning many years of association and service between the two.


International Festival

The parish begins celebrate the annual tradition of the International Festival with food, music, costumes, and fun.

October 1997

40th Anniversary

The parish and the St. Andrew Ladies Guild celebrate their 40th anniversary on October 26th.


Kickoff Parish Development

The parish kicked off its three-year parish development and parish renewal program, “Follow-Me! Disciples of the 21st Century” on December 6.In the wake of increased violence in schools, the administration at St. Andrew School, spurred by their own students, decided to take a pro-active approach to promoting nonviolence in its school; the student council set up a Nonviolence Committee for middle school students


For the Haitian Community

Bishop Thomas Wenski conducted a mission for members of the Haitian community at the parish in Haitian Creole from June 6-8. The last time he conducted such a mission was in 1981 at St. Joseph Parish in Winter Haven.


Hurricane Francis

The parish suffered structural damage from Hurricane Francis.


50th Anniversary

St. Andrew celebrated its 50th anniversary with, among other events, a start of a building campaign to renovate the church including new flooring, new pews, a larger choir area, a bell tower, and a remodeled ceiling.

January 2008

Newly Refurbished

Bishop Thomas Wenski dedicates the newly refurbished church on January 26.


Choir Established

St. Andrews establishes its Gospel Choir.


Prelude to National Black Catholic Congress XIII

Members of the African American Catholic community gathered at the parish on August 6 for prayer, reflection, discussion, and fellowship. The meeting was a prelude to the National Black Catholic Congress XII that took place July 6-9, 2017, in Orlando. The congress, founded in 1889 by Daniel Rudd who was born to slaves in 1854, is held every five years to support the spiritual, theological, educational, and ministerial growth of its members.


President Trump visited St. Andrew School in the context of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. During a roundtable disucssion, the president listened to parent, teacher, and student opinions and experiences about the program.


Beautification Projects

The Notre Dame Club of Greater Orlando worked on beautification projects for the school and parish. Over 50 volunteers painted the cafeteria, ceilings, and doors. They also scrubbed down all the desks in the computer lab and cleaned out a shed near the parish offices.