Preparation for Confirmation

In addition to attending Sunday Faith Formation sessions and attending Sunday Mass, children, youth, and adults preparing for the Sacrament Confirmation must attend preparation sessions some Wednesdays.

Confirmation Preparation for Children in Catholic School

Confirmation preparation for youth/children attending Catholic School is two years provided that they:

  • have continuously been in Catholic School for the last three years.
  • attend Sunday Mass regularly.
  • attend Sunday Faith Formation sessions during the two-year preparation.
  • attend Wednesday sessions for Confirmation in the second year of preparation.
  • perform all community service hours.
  • attend all confirmation retreats.
  • submit all necessary paperwork including baptism certificate, First Communion certificate, and sponsor form.

Confirmation Readiness

When we were baptized, most of us were too young to speak on our own behalf, so our parents and godparents did it for us. During the baptism, parents promised to raise their children in the practice of the faith, yet sometimes, unfortunately, this does not happen. When we get confirmed, we are “confirming” the faith and promises that our parents made on our behalf at our baptism. That is, when youth enter the Confirmation preparation process, they are ratifying for themselves the responsibility that their parents took at baptism. What their parents promised on their behalf, they are now saying they will do with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is not uncommon that Confirmation students tell us that they are getting confirmed because their parents want them to be confirmed. This is most likely why most of the youth receive their Confirmation and do not return to church when it should be the opposite since they are confirming their faith. Parents should never force their children to be confirmed. Confirmation students need to decide for themselves if they want to get confirmed or not. They are taking on the responsibility their parents had at their baptism. They should not be forced to do that if they do not want to or are not ready to do it.

To receive confirmation licitly (outside the danger of death) requires that a person who has the use of reason be suitably instructed, properly disposed, and able to renew the baptismal promises.

Canon 889

Therefore, a child who feels forced or obligated is not properly disposed to receive the sacrament. The hope is that parents, family members, church educators, and catechists will help the youth understand the importance of their faith so that they continue to practice it after they have been confirmed; thus continuing their faith journey after they receive the Sacrament.

Attendance at Confirmation Sessions

Attendance at all sacramental preparation sessions is mandatory. There are 15 sessions for Confirmation second-year preparation. All sessions will be on Wednesdays. If there is a problem attending a session, please contact Kathy Morgan or Martha Lushman-Zayas.

When registering your child to receive their Confirmation, you must submit their First Communion Certificate. If they received their First Communion at St. Andrew, you do not need to do this; just indicate on the form that they received their First Communion at St. Andrew.

Your child will not move up to their second year of Confirmation until we receive their baptism certificate.

Confirmation Sessions

Youth in the Confirmation preparation process must attend 15 confirmation preparation sessions on selected Saturdays and Wednesdays as well as regularly scheduled Youth Ministry sessions on Sunday afternoons and various retreats throughout the year.

The celebration of Confirmation will be contingent on the bishop’s schedule. Parents/guardians of youth must attend scheduled meetings. It is expected that adult candidates, their sponsors, and parents attend all preparation sessions on Wednesdays, and join in retreats and service to the Parish.

Sunday Mass attendance, Sunday Faith Formation sessions, and Wednesday Sacramental Preparation classes are mandatory for the preparation of the Sacrament.

Retreat dates will be announced throughout the year.