How We Endured the Pandemic of 2020 Day 27

April 14

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Beyond the walls that separate us, the love of Christ gathers us together this evening, Tuesday, at 7:05pm. In your house or wherever you may be, be still and sit in silence with the St. Andrew community. See yesterday’s email for more information. Remember to let us know your name if you are able to join us. Set your timer so you don’t forget!

Looking forward to being still with you tonight.

Fr. Leo

P.S. Don’t forget to send your prayer corner pictures. Tell us when you use the space and what are the religious objects in the space, and, if you can, how it is helpful for you and your connection with God and others.

Those who are joining together in stillness and silence tonight:

Fr. Leo, Joy M., Jean E., Victoria A., Lynne S., Joanmarie S., John C., Bruce A., Belkis P., Gladys V., Joe A., Rosemarie C., Augusto C., John K., Bev K., Catherine H., Armand C., Kathy C., Jeffry B., Greg S., Margaret S., Renette J., Yvan L., Virginia L., Marie V., Terri W., David B., Eileen G., Fitzgerald T., Esmeralda R., Sandra S., Victor V., Mona M., Joyce D., Mark M., Sonya B., Curtis B., Rena B., Stephanie M., Diane G., Darlene S., Selena M., Joan H., Jean L., Julian D., Richard P., Maria R., Daff L., Iris S., Ann S., Don A., Bobbie A., Sharon S., Martha Z., Claudette A., Luanne P., Maryk B., Joe B., Liz C., Candace B., Parker W., Chris W., Mary Ann O., Annemarie G., Sheila P., Lisa A., Andre A., Mazulie M.,