How We Endured the Pandemic of 2020 Day 12

March 30

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let’s have some fun! The following activity is a scavenger hunt. Thank you, Kathy Morgan, our Youth Minister.

Take some time today to complete this activity. If you live with your family, do it together, perhaps dividing the parts. It will be a great way to learn about your parish and your faith. Whoever has the most correct answers wins!

Always, may God’s peace be yours,

Fr. Leo

Scavenger Hunt

There are four parts to this challenge. Each day for the next four days, you will receive another leg of the scavenger hunt and the answers to the previous part you completed.  You will also be given a clue each day for one Final Question, which will be emailed on the fourth day.  On Friday, you will receive the answer to the Final Question.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.  Email your answers to Kathy at and let her know if you have any questions.

 This scavenger hunt can be played at your leisure and you may use all forms of technology. That includes calling or emailing others who might know the answers.

This is a scavenger hunt with great meaning. The egg is a symbol of new life, and the activity of searching for hidden eggs at Easter reminds us that new life in Christ is offered to everyone, but we must do our part to seek after Christ.

We are going to have some fun with this different kind of scavenger hunt! Rather than looking for eggs, we will be searching for connections to our faith online.

Part 1

  1. Visit your parish website and answer the following questions:
  2. Who is the Pastoral Associate for your parish?
  3. How many staff members are listed on the website?
  4. Take a screenshot of the online version of the bulletin.
  5. Take a selfie of yourself and share with your family.
  6. Find an article in the local newspaper that mentions your parish. (Screenshot or copy)
  7. Who was the first priest to serve in your parish?
  8. List in order the pastors who have served at St. Andrew
  9. List in order the principals who have served at St. Andrew School.
  10. In what year was our parish established
  11. What is the name of the religious order/congregation that first worked at St. Andrew Church?
  12. How many Catholics are there in the United States?
  13. How many Catholic churches are there in the United States?

******* CLUE #1: Psalm 81:3 *******