Haitian Relief

Brothers and Sisters,

I join my voice to the voices of Fr. Etienne Pierre S.M.M., principal of the kindergarten of Garde Saline, as well as the Haitian province of the Company of Mary for helping with the construction of the kindergarten; Fifi, Illiane & Silencieux for the housing projects; 104 direct beneficiaries of the water systems of Nan Refine & Nan Filion and countless indirect beneficiaries of these two water systems; the midwives, teachers, religious leaders, students of the Sainte Cecile’s elementary school, the entertainers of the county of Riviere-Mancelle for the solar lamps;  and the future beneficiaries of the content of the container to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your precious and continued support that made these miracles possible.

We express our gratitude in a special way to Mary E. Lyon, Dr. Gary Helfin and his band “The Second Opinion”, the Ladies Guild, the Knight of Columbus Council 15644 and the Ladies Auxiliaries who raised funds for the Haiti Relief program.

Our heartfelt special thanks go also to Fr. Ed and the good people of St Timothy, Fr. Pat and the good people of Blessed Trinity, Fr. David and Fr. Tom and the great people of St Theresa and last not the least, Fr. O’Doherty, the Bishop of Hwy 200 and the great people of Queen of Peace.

The construction of the kindergarten is in progress. Please visit St. Andrew Catholic Community Website @ www.standrew-orlando.org and then Haitian Relief to see the kindergarten. We built the walls and the roof of the first story.  We are stuck because of a lack of money for the doors, the windows, finishing the interior, building an ecological toilet for the kids (use the product to make bio gas to cook for the kids and the rest as fertilizer to grow crops to feed the kids), collecting the rain water, building an underground cistern, pumping the water into a tank on the top of the building then purifying the water for the kids. We need to build a kitchen and also space for the kids to play. Every little bit helps.

Thanks again for your precious and continued support to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

In Christ,

Fr. Bart