How We Endured the Pandemic of 2020 Day 7

March 25

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Regarding songs that might be helpful during this time of uncertainty, one of the teachers at our school wrote… “Stronger” by Mandisa is another inspirational song…”. Beautiful song, check it out.

I mentioned in one of the earlier emails about trying to maintain some prayer routine or prayer ritual during these unfamiliar days. One big help in doing so is by creating a prayer space or corner in your home. I encourage you to create a prayer space and use it now and on the other side of this uncomfortable situation we are all in together. I know that many of you already have created a sacred space in your home or apartment to pray. Our teachers at St. Andrew Catholic School have for years had a prayer space inside each classroom. Speaking of our teachers, they are about to embark on virtual learning for our St. Andrew students, so please keep them and their students in your prayers since this is new for everyone.

I can remember clearly when I was in seminary creating such a space in my room. Each room in the seminary had 10-foot-tall wooden closets that were relatively light weight. I moved mine in such a way that I blocked off a portion of the room which provided a semi-private space which I used as my prayer area. I put a cross on the wall and had various spiritual/prayer books that I placed within reach. This was my sacred space. You can do the same. Make a space for prayer, if you haven’t already, for you or for your family. What a witness that might be to your family.

Here is a “How To” list for your prayer space:

 Choose a religious focal piece: Decide what religious object or symbol will grab your attention as your walk by, as a reminder to pray: a cross, a crucifix, a statue, a rosary laid on a table, a picture, etc.

Pick the right spot: Find a spot in your home, such as a corner nook, big enough for you to be comfortable. A spot by a window is a good idea, or some other secluded spot in the home. Include chairs or a small couch or sit on the floor. If you have a family, try to keep this space special and set apart exclusively for quiet prayer and spiritual reading, if you are able to. Avoid using it for other activities such as checking email or playing games.

Gather items to your sacred space: Locate religious books, holy cards, spiritual material, a Bible, images of saints or of God, etc. and place them in your sacred space as a means for prayer and reflection.

The more you spend time praying in your new space, the more you will find that it becomes a habit to move into this space when you pray. Always, we prayer for one another, our nation and our world. We are in this together. Know that I am praying for you!

Always, may God’s peace be yours.

Fr. Leo