How We Endured the Pandemic of 2020 Day 22

April 9, Holy Thursday

My sisters and brothers in Christ,

Were you able to create a sacred space in your home? We would like to assemble pictures of the sacred spaces/prayer corners our parishioners are using as they pray and cultivate their relationship with God. We learn from one another so let’s help each other. Reply to this email with your photos. We will post the pictures on our Facebook page and the church website. If you prefer your name not be mentioned let us know and we will leave it out.

As we begin this Triduum, I invite you to listen to and reflect on a guided meditation by our Spiritual Formation Coordinator Diane Gallagher, on the Last Supper and the washing of the apostles’ feet.

Go to the church website and click on the tab for “Holy Thursday Guided Meditation.” You can choose which language you prefer.

There is a Holy Thursday liturgy with Bishop Noonan tonight at 7 p.m. The link is also on our church website. Click on the tab for “Video Stream of Holy Week Masses.”

Below is a copy of the suggestions I offered a few weeks ago on how to create your sacred space/prayer corner.

Always, may God’s peace be yours,

Fr. Leo

How to Create a Prayer Corner/Sacred Space

Choose a religious focal piece: Decide what religious object or symbol will grab your attention as your walk by, as a reminder to pray: a cross, a crucifix, a statue, a rosary laid on a table, a picture, etc.

Pick the right spot: Find a spot in your home, such as a corner nook, big enough for you to be comfortable. A spot by a window is a good idea, or some other secluded spot in the home. Include chairs or a small couch or sit on the floor. If you have a family, try to keep this space special and set apart exclusively for quiet prayer and spiritual reading, if you are able to. Avoid using it for other activities such as checking email or playing games.

Gather items to your sacred space: Locate religious books, holy cards, spiritual material, a Bible, images of saints or of God, etc. and place them in your sacred space as a means for prayer and reflection.