How We Endured the Pandemic of 2020 Day 21

April 8

My sisters and brothers in Christ,

I received this prayer from a friend of mine. I found it to be “spot on.”

Father God, thank you for another beautiful but anxious day. It seems that we return to you most easily when we need your comfort and Divine Providence. Here we are again, knowing that you are waiting for us with love, hope and comfort.

In the shadow of your wings we find courage and relief that strengthens our minds and renews our souls. Day and night, you are our refuge. These uncertain days of news conferences and quarantines tempt us to assume the worst for our loved ones, our friends and our communities.

“Pandemic” is a frightening word, and we can easily feel confused or helpless to respond. Now we are relying on you to lead and guide us, to put our anxieties in their place. Help us to see them as human responses that keeps us conscious of the seriousness of this moment, but do not let them overwhelm our spirits. Steadied by your love, we choose each day to let peace reign in our hearts. As we pause and reflect, we repeat, again and again, “You are here.”

Heavenly Father, our families and friends need peace and assurance. Help us to offer them your steadfastness and direction. Those in our communities who are suffering need care. Help us to be generous and to keep contact with the forgotten. Our world calls for cooperation among national leaders, scientists, health care providers, and all who are instrumental in overcoming this crisis. May our prayers and support be with them all.

Lord, may your love blanket the earth, as you teach us to live more generously today than yesterday. May our anxieties be transformed into confidence, our fears into love. Light our paths, direct our steps and keep our eyes on You.  Amen.

May our eyes and heart be aligned with the Lord as we walk with him this Holy Week.

Peace, love and goodness.

Fr. Leo

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